Handicrafts Industry is an important traditional Industry in the State. It has its own unique identity amongst the various crafts of the country. Demands of Handicrafts products even from aboard are higher than the production. The Department has, therefore, been making efforts judiciously to priorities the schemes with main objectives to (a) generally raise the moral of the Handicrafts artisans, (b) enhance the productivities of the crafts which has extensive marketability and (c) immortalize the tradition.
In order to promote the Handicrafts artisans of the State, Commerce & Industries Department has been implementing the following promotional schemes.

  1. State Award to outstanding crafts-persons,
  2. Modernization of Handicrafts,
  3. Development of Kouna products,
  4. Mini Crafts Museum,
  5. Assistance to Individual artisans (equipment subsidy to ex-trainees)
  6. Survey and Census of Handicrafts artisans.

                         State Award to outstanding Crafts-persons: Under the scheme, 188 number of Crafts-persons have been awarded since 1979-1980 out of which 162 artisans are State awardees and the rest are meritious and consolation award winners. The State Awardees are given cash prize of Rs.10,000/- each to the awardees with a citation. Office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Govt. of India has been providing pension to the State Awardees @ Rs.1,000/- P.M. as and when the artisan awardees attains 60 years of age till death. Under the scheme of Modernization of Handicrafts, 20 number of crafts-persons are selected as beneficiary and provided grant of an amount of Rs.10,000/- each for procurement of modern tools and equipments by the artisans . So far, 60 number of Handicrafts artisans have availed financial assistance under this scheme. Under the scheme of Development of Kouna products financial assistance @ Rs.5,000/- is provided in the form of grant to each Kouna Craft artisans. So far 60 numbers of artisans have been benefited under the scheme. In order to exhibit and preserve rare Crafts of the State, a Mini Crafts Museum is being opened in the Department in the first week of January, 2010. Ground-works have now been completed. 80 number of Ex-trainees of Handicrafts artisans would be provided financial assistance @ Rs.5,000/- annually from 2009-2010. In order to ascertain actual number of crafts-persons engaged in Handicrafts Sector and to find out the items of crafts produced, employment generated and export etc., a Survey has been commenced and targeted to be completed within March, 2010.

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