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  Programmes & Schemes
1. Scheme No.01: Establishment of Food Processing Training Institute
2. Scheme No.8(1): Food Processing Training Centre (FPTC)
3. Scheme No.8(2): Training on Food Processing Industries
4. Scheme No.8(3): Mobile Food Processing for Fruit & Vegetable
5. Scheme No.8(4): Strengthening of Nodal Agency of FPI in the Directorate of Commerce & Industries, Manipur
6. Scheme No.8(5): Project Report Preparation
7. Scheme No.8(6): Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)
8. Scheme No.8(7): Regional Extension Service Centre(RM)
9. Scheme No.8(8): Publicity and Campaign.
10. Scheme No. 8(9): Total Quality Management(TQM).
11. Scheme No.8(10): Forward Linkage/Integration.
12. Scheme No.8(11): Setting up of Quality Control Laboratory.
13. Scheme No.8(12): Setting up of Codex Cell.
14. Scheme No.8(13): Promotion of Quality Assurance/Safety Concept.
15. Scheme No.8(14): Promotional Activities in Food Processing Industries
16. Scheme No.8(15): R & D on Food Processing Industries
17. Scheme No.8(16): Assistance for installation of Juice Extractor with crusher etc.
18. Scheme No.8(17): Food Park
19. Scheme No.8(18): Agri-Export Zone for Passion Fruit in Senapati District