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  Food Processing Industries
  Food Processing Policy
Government policies/procedures
Development of rural farm gate infrastructure
Diversification of product portfolio
Capacity building
Financing and Institutional Issues


The Potential:

Food Processing Industries sector is fast developing in Manipur. Since 1991, the Department of Commerce & Industries, Manipur became the State Nodal Agency of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India, a number of Projects/Schemes were taken up with the assistance of the Ministry. Favoured by agro-climatic conditions, Manipur produces variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, spices, etc. suitable for processing and potential for export.
Schemes like Technology Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture with the objective of improving production and productivity of horticultural crops by harnessing the potential of the region makes this field a viable option for commercialization as well as marketing.
Given the agro-climatic conditions, the State has rich agriculture resources. As per the Techno-feasibility Report conducted under the aegis of the National Horticultural Board and NABARD in collaboration with the Department of Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Manipur, the potential area identified for horticultural crops is 2,77,064 Ha. Out of this, about 62,200 hectares is covered under horticulture crops and an area of 2,14,864 hectares still remains uncovered; giving ample opportunity for expansion.
Common horticulture crops grown in the State are Kharif vegetables (French bean, Cucurbits, Tomatoes, Brinjal, Bhindi, Colocecia, Alocacia), Rabi vegetables (Cabbage, Cauliflower, Potato, Pea, Broad bean, Radish, Carrot, Broccoli, lettuce, Capsicum), Spices (Onion, Garlic, Chilli, Ginger, Turmeric, Hatkora) Fruits and Plantation Crops (Litchi, Cashew nuts, Wall nuts, Orange, Lemon, Banana, Pineapple, Passion fruit, Peach, Pear, Plum).
Area, Production and Productivity of important horticultural crops are tabled below:

Sl. No. Name of Crop Total
    Area under cultivation (in Ha) Production (in MT)
1. Pineapple 12048 109519
2. Banana 4991 64424
3. Lime/Lemon 3062 22974
4. Orange 4138 31968
5. Passion Fruit 7629 65248
6. Other Fruits 10535 54357
  Total 42403 348489.8
1. Cauliflower 1919 19187
2. Cabbage 3985 50939
3. Tomato 1845 23077
4. Pea 3506 33989
5. Potato 1690 15196
6. Others 3673 31874
7. Bamboo shoot   50800
  Total 16618 174261.6
1. Chillies 7962 59169
2. Ginger 2098 24794
3. Turmeric 834 9884
4. Others 584 2584
  Total 11478 96431

The Challenge:

Creation of various opportunities by the Ministry of FPI and other Ministries of Government of India, there are a number of steps to be taken up for the growth of Food Processing Industries sector in the State. The major challenges are given below:

  • Locational disadvantages
  • Transportation bottleneck
  • High cost of materials like, packaging, others like chemicals, preservatives etc.
  • Non-availability of  sugars at low cost for Food Processing Industries
  • Lack of processing infrastructure including Cold Storage, pre cooling chamber, refrigerated vans
  • No separate policy for Food Processing Industries
  • Shortage of Technical man power
  • High Competitiveness in the market
  • Lack of marketing agency.

Low level of processing means (approx):

Cereal/grain processing         :           65%
Fruit & Vegetable                   :           1.5%
Fish processing                        :           0.5%
Others                                     :           15%
A huge loss has been incurred to the income of the State as well as to the farmers. Taking the opportunity of priority given by the Central Government on Food Processing Industries sector, Manipur can also take these advantages to create huge employment opportunities, raise income levels, eliminate mass poverty and transform rural India. Food processing will also earn much needed foreign exchange, which in turn can help finance overall transformational growth. Attempts may be made to explore market and export of food products in the South Asian Countries.

Projects/Schemes taken up/being taken up under Central Sector Schemes/Projects:

  • Establishment of Food Processing Training Centre (Single line)
  • Establishment of Regional Extension Service Centre (RM)
  • Modernization of Huller Rice Mills (1200 nos.)
  • Installation of Oil Mills (65 nos.)
  • Setting up of Food Processing Units (20 nos.)
  • Establishment of a Food Park at Nilakuthi
  • Establishment of Quality Control Lab and Codex Cell (1 one)
  • Distribution of insulated boxes to fisher women engage in fishing and fish marketing (637 nos.)

Food Park at Nilakuthi: -

A Food Park with a project cost of Rs. 3172.40 lakh has been established at Nilakuthi, Imphal East District, Manipur. The financial pattern of the Project is given below: -

Sl. No. Particulars Amount
1. i) State share
ii) SPA
2. Term Loan from NABARD under RIDF 1574.16
3. Grant in aid from MFPI, GOI 400.00
  Total 3172.40

The Food Park is targeted to complete within March 2010 having the common facilities like viz; warehouse, Cold Storage, Weigh Bridge, Quality Control Laboratory, Post office, Banks, Water and power supply, Sewage treatment etc. There will be 50 – 60 Food Processing Units out of which 31 entrepreneurs have been selected. A sum of Rs. 200.00 lakh and Rs. 885.00 lakh and Rs. 335.31 lakh are still required to release for the Project by the Ministry, NABARD and State Govt. under SPA during the year 2009 – 10 respectively.

Projects/Schemes taken up under State Plan:

  • Mobile Fruit juice extraction unit / Training Centre (1 one)
  • Assistance to Ex-trainees for setting up of cottage scale FPI units (39 nos.)
  • Modernization of Huller Rice Mills (114 nos.)
  • Distribution of Insulated Boxes to fisherwoman engaged in fishing and fish marketing (315 nos.)
  • Assistance to traditional Bamboo shoot processing Units for development of Food Clusters (138 nos.)
  • Training on Food Processing Industries covering the state (647 nos.)
  • Development of recipe of Manipur traditional foods about 15 – 20 food items
  • Preparation of Project reports for 5(five) hill districts for Integrated Cold Chain etc. (Senapati, Chandel, Ukhrul, Churachandpur and Tamenglong)

    Some  reknown brand names of some FPI Units:
1. Magfruit
2. Manifru
3. Likla
4 Pasip
5. Parafruit
6. Ratna
7. Sana
8. Heiron
9. Alfa
10. Meira Foods
11. Pure Gold
12. Bright
13. Kangla Foods
14. Pocky
15. Boby Bakery
17. Khudol
18. Poirei