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  1. Application form for P.M.E.G.P      
2. Guidelines of Apparel Parks
3. Guidelines of Sant Kabir Award
4. Guidelines of Scheme for Marketing Promotion of Handloom Products
5. Handloom Weavers Comprehensive Welfare Scheme
6. Integrated Handloom Development Scheme
7. Integrated Powerloom Scheme
8. Marketing & Export Promotion Scheme
9. Scheme for Integrated Textile Parks
10. Marketing Incentive
11. Application Form for Computerization of Weaver Data Bank (CWDB) 
12. Application Form for Operation of Sale Depots outside Manipur
13. Application Form for Reimbursement of Events outside Manipur
15. Application form for Factory Permit (FORM-1) <MSWord>  <PDF>
16. Application form for Factory Licence (FORM-2) <MSWord> <PDF>
17. Check list for obtaining Factory Permit/Licence/Renewal
18. Fee schedule for obtaining Factory Permit/Licence/Renewal
19. Application form for Entrepreneurs Memorandum <EM-I> and <EM-II>
20. Location of Factory Rules, 2013.
21. Notification for setting up of Food Processing Industry in the Food Park at Nillakuthi (Application Form)
22.Integrated Powerloom Scheme
23.Guidelines for implementation of Scheme “REVIVAL, REFORM and RESTRUCTURING PACKAGE for HANDLOOM SECTOR”
24. Application Form for Allotment of Space in Takyel Industrial Estate <MSWord> <PDF>
25. Guidelines for implementation of National Mission on Food Processing (NMFP)
  26. Indian Boilers Act, 1923
  27. Forms for Indian Boiler Regulation 1950
  28. Industrial and Investment Policy of Manipur, 2017 (IIPM 2017)
  FORMS for Labours/workers related Laws
  1. Application form for registration of unorganized workers
  2. Application for registration of establishments employing building workers
  3. Application form for registration of establishments employing migrant workmen
  4. Application form for registration of shop
  5. Annual return form
  6. Application form for renewal of licence contract labour
  7. Form-xii application for renewal of registration
  8. Form for half-yearly return