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Pilot projects for packaging/labeling for unorganized sector

Setting up of Pilot projects for packaging/labeling for unorganized sector are urgently required in Manipur. This can be done only be establishing cluster type food processing industries are setup in the rural areas. A common brand, therefore, can be developed in such food clusters by taking a re-labeling license from the Ministry. Small exhibitions like roads shows, in various rural markets will extensively help in the development of brand and marketing of food products. In such exhibitions road shows exchange of local commodities will get from one to another.


    1. No proper brand/level not indicated in the food products produced in various rural as well as urban areas.
    2. There is a serious impact on the Food quality and Health safety for the general people.
    3. Food adulteration may occur in many areas.


    1. Pilot projects for packaging/labeling for unorganized sector for food processing units may be set up in several of rural areas of the State.
    2. Common brand may be developed by in the form of re-labeling license.
    3.  Establishment of food clusters for different foods in different areas may be set up.

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India’s present schemes, has not spelt out any specific scheme for small investment for unorganized sectors. Micro-finance sector in unorganized sector may be extended to so that food processing in the rural areas may be enhanced for commercialization of than food products.